I broke my C2, C3, and C4 in a fall down 18 stairs, but did not damage my I read your story and like you I am a broken neck walking survivor ... You cant keep us down. Examples of common causes in humans are traffic collisions and diving into shallow water. It depends on how severe the fracture is. Robyn Morgen said.. Hello, perhaps you can give me some guidance. Share Pin Email Search the ... Luckily there are some simple things that you can do to prevent a broken neck. If the spinal cord is damaged there will be paralysis of some sort, but if not, most people will eventually return to live normal lives. I always thought if you broke your neck, ...that's it. Neck pain is experienced by about 50 percent of the population in any year; a new study reveals much about treatment and prevention. I met a gym teacher who says she broke her neck twice, and still does gymnastics. The recovery period can be long, however. How long does a broken back take to recover? There are seven cervical vertebrae (neck bones) in the human neck, and the fracture of any can be catastrophic. My son was pushed by a friend in gym class and crashed into a concrete wall and broke his neck. You can also switch from viewing the 'Full Site' (desktop), or the 'Mobile' device version via the drop-down menu ... Recovery time for Broken Neck?? A cervical fracture is commonly called a broken neck. Find out what whiplash is, how it happens, what the symptoms are and how it can be treated. Experts have revealed their top tips on curing a hangover How can I cure a hangover? You can borrow all kinds of media at your local public library, from audiobooks, to albums, to films on physical discs. How long does a broken back take to recover? Cervical Neck Fractures. by Marie McKenna O'Brien ... Recovery. Many people survive broken necks. A fracture to this area is a serious injury as the vertebrae protect the spinal cord which if damaged as a result can cause paralysis or even death. The term "broken back" can mean a number of things. A broken neck where damage is sustained to the spinal cord can result in partial paralysis, quadriplegia, asphyxia or even death, depending on the extent and location of the damage to the spinal cord. Broken Neck Survivors Support Page. Yes, you CAN die of a broken heart: How the shock of losing a loved one can cause physical changes that put those left behind at serious risk You may be sent home with a neck brace or collar. A cervical fracture, commonly called a broken neck, is a catastrophic fracture of any of the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck. He said, "You have a broken neck. A person who suffers a broken neck with no injury to the spinal cord inside should recover fully. Recovering from Falls. The most common causes are traffic accidents or diving into shallow water. While the two distinct body parts don't sound too awfully much alike, the answer is "Yes." How can this be? Rehydrate. Broken Neck Recovery. Recovery from a Broken Neck. Treatment for a broken neck depends on how bad the break is and which bones are involved. ? The term "broken back" can mean a number of things. Broken Neck or Neck Fracture usually results due to high impact traumatic injuries like automobile accidents. You have a fractured C2, you can die from this." How Long Does It Take to Recover and Heal From a Broken Wrist? Can liver problems cause leg pain? A broken neck is a fracture of one of the 7 cervical vertebrae between the skull and the upper back and shoulders. How to Recover From a Herniated Disk. Cervical fracture. A cervical fracture, commonly called a broken neck, ... A severe, sudden twist to the neck or a severe blow to the head or neck area can cause a cervical fracture. Not any broken neck. 1.8K likes. ... the gift of grace can be yours only if you'll reach out and take it.